Scientific expedition (field work) in East and North Aegean islands

Sampling in East Aegean (Ikaria Isl., Fournoi Korseon Isl., and Samos Isl.) and Eastern Makedonia (Keramoti and Thasopoula islet)

The fild trip was conducted by the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics of the Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC), aiming to collect specimens of the four focal species: Mediodactylus kotshyi, Ablepharus kitaibelii, Pelophylax bedriagaie and Podarcis tauricus. Other objectives were the collection and recording of other fauna and flora of the study areas. The mission was attended by Peter Lyberakis, Nick Poulakakis and Nick Psonis.


Saturday (06/09/2014): Trip to Ikaria Isl. (Agios. Kirykos, North route Agios Kirykos – Evdilos)

After arrival in Ikaria Airport from Heraklion a car was hired and the sampling was officially started. The first stop was next to the airport where we noted the presence of two species, Anatololacerta oertzeni and Ophisops elegans. The next three stops were made in the area of Agios Kyrikos where we collected specimens of Anatolacerta oertzeni, and various arthropods and terrestrial gastropods (mainly Albinaria). The rest of the day we followed the route from Agios Kyrikos to Evdilos following the northern road, making two stops in areas of interest (dams etc.) close to Karavostamo. In these localities we collected specimens of Mauremys rivulata, Hemidactylus turcicus, Stellagama stellio, Pelophylax bedriagae, Ophisops elegans and Anatololacerta oertzeni. Also we collected many arthropods and terrestrial gastropods (eg Helix cincta anatolica). Finally, we observed goldfish in dams, apparently transferred by human. We went back to Agios Kyrikos at the late afternoon.


Sunday (09/07/2014): Trip to Fournoi Korseon Isl., Ikaria Isl. (South route Agios Kirykos – Evdilos)

Sunday morning we went to Fournoi Korseon Isl. by boat. There we rented two scooters and we began exploring the island. Reptiles encountered: Ablepharus kitaibelii, Mediodactylus kotchyi and Stellagama stellio. Also we collected arthropods and terrestrial gastropods (e.g. Helix cincta anatolica and Thiessea nympha). In the afternoon we went back to Agios Kirykos and from there to Evdilos following the South road this time and stayed there.


Monday (08/09/2014): Ikaria Isl. (Evdilos, Pezi), Trip to Samos

On Monday we visited the area of ​​Evdilos and headed to the area Pezi. We made six stops where we met the species Mauremys rivulata, Hemidactylus turcicus, Stellagama stellio, Pelophylax bedriagai, Ophisops elegans, Ablepharus kitaibelii, and Anatololacerta oertzeni. We also found skins of snakes, many arthropods and terrestrial gastropods , as well as river crabs. In the evening on 2 after midnight we took the ferry to Samos Isl. where we arrived at 7 am.


Tuesday (09/09/2014): Southeast Samos Isl.

On the first day by renting a car we visited the southeastern part of the island from Vathi to Pythagorio and Mesokampos, making four stops. The organisms that we met were Stellagama stellio, Pelophylax bedriagai, Anatololacerta anatolica, Ophisops elegans, Eirenis modestus, Albinaria sp., Helix cincta anatolica, Thiessea nympha and many other invertebrates. The stay was in Vathy. In the hotel we also made an observation of Hemidactylus turcicus, a human-dispersed reptile.


Wednesday (10/09/2014): Samos Isl.

On Wednesday we visited the northern part of the island from Vathi to Karlovassi, making four stops, and the northern part of the broader area of ​​Marathokambos where we made two more stops. The species that we met were Stellagama stellio, Pelophylax bedriagai, Ablepharus kitaibelii, Natrix natrix, Albinaria sp., and many other invertebrates. In the afternoon we visited the Institute of Archipelago. The stay was again in Vathy.


Thursday (11/9 / 2-14): Travel to Keramoti and sampling there.

On Thursday we traveled by plane to Thessaloniki, we rented a car and headed to Keramoti. There, during the whole day we sampled at many stations in the larger area of ​​Keramoti with main objective to find the species Podarcis tauricus. Eventually after we found it in the sand dunes of a sandy beach. We slso recorded and collected specimens of Pelophylax ridibundus, Lacerta viridis, Testudo graeca, Dolichopis caspius (roadkill) and invertebrates, such as Helix lucorum and Cepaea. Finally, we also observed the snakes Natrix tesselata and probably Platyceps najadum. We stayed the night in Keramoti.


Friday (12/09/2014): Thasopoula islet, flight to Heraklion

On the last day of the filedtrip we traveled to Thasopoula islet by the courtesy of the Municipal Port Fund of Keramoti and the fishing boat "Parmenides". There we collected individuals of the species Podarcis tauricus thasopulae, and a Lacerta viridis. Also we collected many invertebrates and soil (litter) for further examination in the laboratory. We also made an observation of Dolichopis caspius. Leaving from Keramoti to Thessaloniki airport we finally picked another roadkill (Dolichopis caspius).